Since we all are teachers, whether ultimately "our own teacher", teaching others privately or teaching the youth in a school setting such as Middle School, High School or College level, I will be gearing FixYourBrass to include teachers and performers. My posts will have various "topics" (Range, for example), with information for development and maintaining these categories as well as problems that may arise. The posts may be followed by my own "comments" and as to solutions to these problems watch for follow-up posts. So please add your own comments as to create a dialogue regarding said posts as well as any "personal problems" that I can help with. Looking forward to this exchange.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The first one on my blog is Dave, the facilitator of such. This Blog came about after years of frustration with the state of Brass Sections in Middle Schools, High Schools and even Colleges I have visited, both as an audience member and also as a lecturer.

It all started when I was asked to speak at the Virginia Music Educators Association about 10 years ago. After my designated hour of "How to Play a Brass Instrument" and "The Importance of The First Lesson", a high school teacher came up to me and said if I could help her with her Trumpets. She said "They were having trouble playing the 'C'." I naturally assumed she meant the High C, but no, she said the third space C. That was the start of my experiences with beginning, middle, and even so-called "advanced" students about to enter college and the college players themselves!

Since then I have established my own web site www.airstreamdynamics.com and am highly involved in posting on www.pivotalk.com and www.trumpetherald.com .
I and a well-trained staff, located in all parts of the country, will soon be offering the following to all Jazz Groups throughout the country to give all the trumpet players and trombone players the range, endurance and power the majority truly lack. You can follow this program on my other blog www.polishyourbrass.blogspot.com in progress.

¨ Turn on your brass section to increased range, power, flexibility and endurance.

¨ Transform a weak trumpet section into a dynamic, exciting tornado!

¨ Make the trombone section a wall of power!

¨ Have the best Ensemble ever!

Are you ready?

My on-line posts are called "airdyn".

I welcome ALL brass players.


FixYourBrass said...

Since I seem to be the "post"master, being the only one to post I did want to say that my present day inspiration for FixYourBrass is Gordon Ramsey. His TV show on BBCA and Fox Network is all about going into a failing restaurant and "fixing it" so it runs efficiently, correctly and successfully. He takes his expertise as a great restauranteur and truly transforms the food, management and environment PLUS more paying and appreciative customers.
Going into the schools and doing the service of transforming the brass sections of their stage bands is not only what is wanted and needed, but the "want" and "need" may not even be realized.

FixYourBrass is the solution. A website is in the making at www.FixYourBrass.com

FixYourBrass said...

"The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of a doubt, what is laid before him."
- Leo Tolstoy

David Wilken said...

Dave, you should be making these comments as blog posts so they get more attention. Many blog readers don't look at comments.

SeminoleJeff said...

Hi Dave! I studied with Doc in the seventies, and I live in SW Florida now. How would I become one of your facilitators? Keep up the great work!

Jeff Lego