Since we all are teachers, whether ultimately "our own teacher", teaching others privately or teaching the youth in a school setting such as Middle School, High School or College level, I will be gearing FixYourBrass to include teachers and performers. My posts will have various "topics" (Range, for example), with information for development and maintaining these categories as well as problems that may arise. The posts may be followed by my own "comments" and as to solutions to these problems watch for follow-up posts. So please add your own comments as to create a dialogue regarding said posts as well as any "personal problems" that I can help with. Looking forward to this exchange.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Initial Lesson

The initial lesson should at least include the following mechanical points:

1. The correct right and left hand positions
2. The Position of The Arms.
3.The correct standing and sitting posture
4.The correct amount of time to practice
5. The initial buzz drill.
6. The mouth corner inhalation.
7. The introduction to slurring.
8. The duties of the lower lip.
9. A few comments on the amount of mouthpiece pressure to use.
10. Mention breathing and
11. The Spider-Web Warm-up ( also serves as a fingering or position chart).

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