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Sunday, June 5, 2011

10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Playing

After spending 5 days at the ITG (International Trumpet Guild) Conference in Minneapolis, I would like to share a booklet that we had on The Reinhardt Foundation table. It is "10 things you can do to improve your playing". This will be presented in 10 weeks to follow with each point covered at a time.
(Before any playing period)
When one is dehydrated, several things occur in the body, and especially in the brain. We are all electrical beings, relying on the flow of this electrical energy throughout the body and head to send the necessary signals making the systems function properly. Since we also are comprised of some 80% plus of water, and water is a perfect conductor of electricity, being in a state of dehydration hampers body and brain functions severly. Starting off any given day and thinking - "Oh, I'm having a bad day" in many cases is a clue that we need to be hydrated. Most importantly, hydration ensures that the right and left hemispheres are balanced.

As each point is posted, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

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